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Discussion in 'Wisconsin Turkey Hunting' started by UPWannabe, Feb 23, 2008.

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    Let me start by saying that I moved to WI last fall but didn't get set up in time to apply for a spring turkey license. Looking at the DNR site it looks like I can buy a leftover tag in a number of areas for one of the later seasons.

    My question has to do with the conservation patrons license that I am planning to buy for '08 and it shows on-line that I can buy it starting March 10. The Conservation Patron license includes a spring turkey application, spring turkey license and turkey stamp. As I read the turkey guide, I can buy a leftover license but I will still need to have the turkey license and turkey stamp that comes with the CP license. Since the application period is over, the spring turkey application that comes with the license seems useless to me or is it for next springs application period? And if so, are the included spring turkey license and turkey stamp good for this springs season or next springs season?

    Sorry for the long question but it seems confusing to me and hopefully someone can clear it up a little for me. Thanks.
  2. Yes it covers both Fall 2009 application and.....

    Your 2010 Spring application. Both are 3 bucks if purchased over the counter or 4 bucks if purchased on line.

    The Patron license gives you everything - at least that is the way I understand it.

    Or call any DNR Service Center and ask them the question.


  3. Your 2008 CP license covered the spring 2009 turkey application. If you got a permit or plan to by one otc, your actual spring 2009 turkey license and stamp come with your 09-10 CP license that you must have to use your 09 permit. The DNR will send all current year CP license holders applications for a fall 09 and spring 10 permit applications. They will know that you have a spring permit (by application) and charge the appropriate fee at the time you buy your CP license in march.