Turkey Pics

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  1. Nothing special but it is nice to see some of them stuck around this winter.




  2. Cool pictures Tom.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Past years birds

    Just found this thread. Here are some pics of past years birds. I hope this works. I am not yet sure how to add pics to a post.

    Nope, I don't know how. Maybe someone could tell me.
  4. turkeys

    Muddy, you have to upload the photos to your photo gallery HERE from your computer first. Then you can download them to this thread, or anywhere else.

    I know of a number of people that have started feeding the birds, due to the deep snows...anyone feeding there, Tom? Those birds won't make it very long, if the snows stay that deep.
  5. OK, I have tried and I can't get it to work for me. I guess I need a little more detail, like step by step. You know what they say about an old dog. just shoot him.
  6. Hi Muddy

    Not sure where you are having problems so I'll start at the top!

    Go to the photo gallery and on the right there will be a upload photos click on that and it will bring a new page up first you will see catagory.

    Pick the proper catagory you what the photo in.

    Now you will see 4 browse spots click on the first one and then you need to find your pictures are stored on your puter find the picture and left click on it then in the window click open and it should show up in the browse window.

    Repete this if you want to upload more pictures.

    Now name your photo and then in the next box you can put in a explination of the photo.

    Now left click the upload/submit icon at the bottom.

    Now depending on your internet this can take a while for the pictures to up load so don't get in a hurry and hit the botton more than once.

    Now when your immage apears look under it and you should see something like this


    Left click on it once to high light it then right click on it to open a box and then left click on the COPY icon.

    Now when you go to the thread you want it in type what you want to say and then to insert the picture in the post just put the curser where you want it and then right click and in the box find PASTE and left click it and the immage code should show up.

    Now before you hit submit hit the preview post icon and you post should show up as it would if you posted it if all looks good hit the submit button at the bottom and your post should be good to go. If it's not right and you want to make a correction you can do this while previewing your post and then hit preview again. if it's right this time then hit submit.

    If done right your pic should show up like this.

  7. Thanks for the details. I was making it to the http point then getting hung up. I will try it later. You will know if I get it when you see pics.
    Is that a northern turkey?
  8. Ok, here we go. Photos if it works. Had trouble with both file type and size. But after some try & error I think I have something.

    Spring 2008

    End of the road

    Fall Tom:dizzy: