Turkey pop. in Wis.

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  1. How's the turkey population over there? Over the years turkeys have flurished in my area, there thicker than the deer now!:eek:
  2. The turkeys are all over the place in Western WI! It is crazy how many of them there are now. I can see the turkey being hunted as a small game animal like a squirrel or something to get the population down. They kill the farmers crops - I guess so do the coon, and deer.

  3. I turkey hunt up in Door County WI, and the population there has grown immensely. When I first started hunting them, I went just outside of Millston (just south of Black River Falls). I've heard they're doing really well over there now, too. Easy winters last few years have helped.

    Just my prediction, but there will come a time when they'll be opening up that season for quite awhile rather than the standard 5 day seasons or something similar to doe tags or EAB. I've seen a video taken near Spring Green where a hen was fending off a coyote that snuck up on her and her little ones....they have very little in way of predation, and the populus will keep growing for some time.
  4. Turkeys, ticks and wolves !!! Funny how they all multiply at the same rate. There must be some connection there?

  5. experimental fall turkey dog use?

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  7. Last Year there was quite a bit of winter kill

    Some of the county boys where I hunt whom I use as my eyes for some early scouting told me that while plowing snow they plowed dead turkeys! Birds that actually where dead in the snow bank. And I found quite a few skeletons around some winter roost areas I know about.

    And I afraid it is the same thing this year in many areas of what is now Zone 1.

    Deep snow then an icestorm creates havoc.

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  8. Worse, this year

    JW, from what I've heard and seen, it's going to be worse than last year. What a shame...people have to realilze that wild turkeys are NOT indigenous to the Great Lakes States, except in extreme southern areas, and only then, prior to white settlement it's believed there were only a few.

    But they do so well if they only get a few weeks of help from us. I know of birds that are strutting and ready to go...this warm spell should have the toms gobbling.

    What a tragic loss for Wisconsin and the other states where the birds aren't fed-like most of the northeastern states.
  9. So looks like we might actually have to "hunt"
    for a nice tom this year in some areas. :biggrin: