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  1. First of all I wanted to introduce myself as a new member to this forum. So, "Hi"! :smile: I tried a search to see about other stories or pictures from other peoples hunts in the area, but I didn't have any luck in finding such threads, so I apologize if I missed that somewhere. I was fortunate enough to draw a tag this year for zone 3 period 1. I have really gotten into turkey hunting recently (I think this is year 3). I love it! I was lucky enough to have success and capture it on video this season! If you have pictures or videos to share I thought this forum would be a nice venue for that. Here is a link to my video.

    Thanks for checking it out!
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  2. Congrats to both of you. Nice video.

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    Thanks for sharing your exciting video. Were in Wisconsin were you hunting?
  4. I was hunting on private land near Wautoma, WI in Zone 3. Thanks for checking out the video!
  5. Great job and nice pic and video, my permit is for zone 3 also but not till May 7th. :bouncy:
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    How did the turkeys fare during this severe winter?
  7. It seems like there are still a fair number of turkeys where I hunt. I wouldn't definitely not say there is an over abundance, however. I think this harsh winter seemed to have an effect on the body weight of the birds by me. The two toms that were shot in the video that I posted on here were only 19.5lbs and 18.5lbs! I couldn't believe it when I put them on the scale. The first one had a 10.5 inch beard and the second one about 9.25 inches. :confused: I would have guessed low 20's for weight when they were coming in to the setup.
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    Wow, I would say the weights did take a hit.