Two Cultipackers For Sale

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  1. I have two identical cultipackers for sale. Started out that my brother and I were just going to do a few repairs and sell them. When we got into them they needed a lot of work so we completely rebuilt them. They have new bearings, new axle, new frames, new hitches and a new wood box. The wood box was on them originally and we liked the idea so we incorporated into the rebuild. All the metal was taken down to bare metal, primered and then painted. We are asking 575 Dollars for each Cultipacker. If you have any questions PM me or email me at [email protected]

    The dimensions are:
    Overall width is 52inches
    Overall length is 66 inches
    The packer wheels cover 44 inches
    [Covers ATV foot print]
    Packer wheels are 12 inch diameter
    1 7/8 inch hitch coupler
  2. One cultipacker sold with one remaining.