Two men rescued from lake Winnebago

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    Posted January 10, 2008

    Men rescued after breaking through ice on Lake Winnebago

    Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers

    OSHKOSH — Two men were taken to Mercy Medical Center this afternoon after they broke through the ice while riding ATVs on Lake Winnebago.

    The Oshkosh Fire Department was dispatched at 11:40 a.m. today on a report that at least one person had fallen through the ice near the Fugelberg Park boat landing on Oshkosh’s south side.

    The men were taken to shore by the department’s air boat. One man walked to an ambulance, but the other had to be moved to the ambulance on a stretcher.

    Both men were transported to Mercy Medical Center, but no information was available about either man's condition.

    A witness, Don Roeder, said he saw the men riding four-wheel ATVs north, toward thin ice that extends out from the mouth of the Fox River, when they broke through the ice.

    “I couldn’t figure out why they were going that way,” Roeder said.

    Fire department spokesman John Holland said the men were more than 200 yards offshore when they broke through about 2 inches of ice.

    “They were out on some shaky ice,” Holland said.

    Filed by the Oshkosh Northwestern.

  2. Things happen. That is why we have emergency people to help out.
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    Unfortunately as the season continues into spring we'll have to read more and more stories like this. Be careful out there!
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    2 men rescued from Winnebago

    I think that a warning to exercise more caution might carry more weight when you bring up the fact that the persons that have to be rescued get presented with a whopping bill for said service afterwards. No kidding and yes I am sure about this!