Unnamed stream

Discussion in 'Mississippi River Basin' started by spinner, May 2, 2009.

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    Unnamed stream (Bugger Gut)

    caught my very first trout on an unnamed stream. I traditionally go there on May Opener. The last 2 floods really flattened it out. Lots of the holes don't exist anymore.

    Looked at it from the bridge I usually start from. It was a mere trickle of what it use to be. I was a little sad. My dad named the stream.

    I remember the huge trout I caught on it at age 5. My dad wading in to a deep hole and trapping the monster in the net and against his chest. That hole was about 6 inches deep. I walked downstream looking for some depth in the water. No luck.

    Walking back to the bridge was bittersweet. I was going to move on and try a different stream. Decided to go upstream a little way. It started to get a little deeper. I found a nice drop pocket and landed 3 decent browns. couple were 14ers.

    Walk around a bend and there was a beaver dam. I caught 11 trout in this dam. The trout were running in to one another trying to take my presentation. ALL the trout were skinny in that hole. 8 of the 11 trout were 16-17 incher.

    Bugger Gut LIVES!
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    Isn't it something how some big storms and floods can really change the water you've come to know so well?