Updated G&H!

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Waterfowl Hunting' started by bdc, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Just wanted to drop a note about the updates to our mainstays in decoys, Mallards and Geese.

    First off, we have updated the paint job on all our Mallard Decoys (see picture below).* We have put a flare up the back along with a wider patch of color on the wing.* On top of that, we have widened the white of the tail.* Everything you need to get attention from those hardened deeks!


    We have also added the preener head to our M4M/Magnum Mallards.* Originally, they were only available in our Pro pack.* But, now that the PRO pack is no longer available, we have included them in the Magnum pack!* That* brings positions offered to 6-Resting Drakes / 2 Swimmer- Preener Drakes/ 2 Greeter Hens / 2 Resting Hens!

    That head is swivel, so you can turn it to a swimmer position as well!!


    Our Mainstay Geese shells have gotten an update as well!* The bodys are more contoured and closer to a full body look.* And the detail is amazing!* Here is a picture of the difference between the old and new shells.* That will be on all three of our species (Honker, Snow and Whitefront/Specks)!


    If you have any questions call 1-800-443-3269 or visit our website, ghdecoys.com