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  1. Grilled backstrap last night. Sooo Goood. Nothing special to it. Heated grill to 450. coated loin with olive oil, salt and pepper. grilled until well done on the outside, red and juicy in the center, about 4 nim. then filp and 4 more min. Keep grill very hot.
    I have not found a recipe for venison ribs that I like. Or I should say that my wife likes. If you have a good one post it here.
    Eat more wild meat.:tongue:
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    Good to see some recipes going up here.

  3. I have finally found a venison burger recipe that I like and that the family will eat. Kinda like a meatloaf on a bun. I cook them on a George Forman.

    2# ground Bambi
    1# ground beef (73-80% lean)
    1 envelope Lipton instant Mushroom soup
    1/4 c. Barbcue sauce of your choice. (I like Budweiser Beechwood)
    1 egg
    oatmeal as needed to bind

    Mix well, form into patties and grill.

    Never liked venison ribs. Too strong and dry for my taste. I'd try them again if I found a recipe that caught my eye....
  4. Here is a favorite vension dish of mine. My mother used to cook this a lot when I was growing up. It is very simple and very good.

    1lb venison steak cut into "french fry" strips
    1/2 of medium sized onion
    2 cans cream of mushroom soup

    Fry venison and onion until venison is just browned on the outside, turn heat down, add the soup and simmer for 15-20 minutes.

    My mother always served it over white rice, I also put it over noodles as well.
  5. marsala and morels

    Found two packages of tenderloins and a bag of white morels in the freezer the other night that I didn't know I still had...LOL

    Got a bottle of marsala wine, too.

    Will post the recipe after I get er cooked up, hopefully this weekend. Have iovited friends over for the last minute feast.
  6. Looking for a good way to do venison roast. Haven't had good luck with roasts and now that we have a doe in the freezer, I am looking to perfect my cooking techniques.

    Got any suggestions on receipes or such?
  7. Cut the roast into serving size chunks and place in the bottom of a small roaster. Add cutup carrots and potatoes. Cover everything with a can of cream of mushroom soup, spreadind it around evenly.Sprinkle 1 pack of onion soup mix over the top and season with salt and pepper.Pour 1 can of water over everything and cook in the oven at 300-325 for 3 hours or so.Should be "good eats."