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  1. Thought I would get this thread started. I will try to report our fishing as it happens for you.


    Water temps have dropped into the low to mid 60's. Some reports of turnover on smaller lakes are starting to come.

    We have been doing well on the walleyes in 25-28fow over a large mud flat with mixed structure. In the last few days have seen a switch from crawlers to minnows, and plastics.

    Musky action is picking with a sucker bite starting to show up. Cranks run along still green weeds, and rock bars are getting the most action.

    Smallmouth have started to school up, and biting well on the rock bars, and deep sand grass.

    That's it for now.

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  2. Well guests for tonite cancelled due to the light rain. I had the bug to go, but was a little lazy. So i tossed a rod in the wifes car and hit a few creek, and WI river spots.

    Kept it simple using a few light jigs with plastics, and gulp. Caught a few fish in just about all spots. Caught just about every type of fish we have up here. Even had around a 40" musky come up after a small walleye. Best bait was the gulp minnow, with a white curly tail a close second. Seemed the gamefish wanted the minnow more. The panfish liked the curly tail.
    Even got to watch a nice bear around 250lbs come out along the river shore. I think he did it just to tease me. Didn't see many ducks flying around.
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    Steve White
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  3. Well so far this year fishing has been fantastic overall for us. Water temps are now getting into the Mid 60's on all waters. Gills and LMB are now spawning on most lakes. Everything else has been done for some time now.

    In the last week or so. We have been seeing the mayflies hatching all over the place. Like normal this will shut the fishing down on those lakes for a few days. So if you see it happening. My advice is to move. With 3000 lakes in the area no reason to beat a dead horse.

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  4. Here in Boulder Junction not much better weather , and today we have a cold front not much fishing happening here ,
  5. Fishing still remains great across the area. The key to success has been changing lakes, and paying attention the the conditions. There have been a lot of big mayfly hatches going on around the area. The manitowish chain is seeing a huge hatch right now of several species. Little trout just finished one, and did Trout, Clear, Big Saint, Big Arb, Little Arb, and the rainbow flowage.

    You may not always get to see the bugs in whole when you go out in the morning. This time of year i am always looking for body parts, and the bugs of course. On the water surface in the morning on going to a new lake. I watch my graph closely for the clouds of crap in the water. If you are out ther in the afternoon. You will often see these line move up in the water colum as dark nears.

    Weed edges have been the best location for most fish. Some fish have started using the rock bars a little as well. On the lakes with hatches, the fish have been in the mudflats.

    There still has been no major shift in the bait used. We are still getting them on everything. Crawlers are starting to pull away from the pack though. Crappies are hands down doing better on plastics, at least for us.

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    Thanks for the updates. Great report.
  7. Tough time of the year now to get out. With all the hunting, trapping, high school sports and such. Yet the fishing is at it prime.

    Overall the fishing is at it's prime and peaking. Water temps are in the mid to low 40's across the region. Lakes are either just before turn over, in turnover, or jsut coming out of it. This can make for some really great fishing as they put the feed bags on.

    Any still green weeds are holding active fish. Rocks are also doing well. Especially on the lakes with cisco in them as they move into spawn. Minnows and plastics have been the way to go overall.

    Musky action has been strange this year. We are getting more fish on cranks than suckers. Which is good due to the cost factor. Most of our fish have come from the weed edges on most lakes.

    Hopefully you can get out for a few more before the ice hits.