Wallmart Vent

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by woodcockbum, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. Last Saturday we got a nice flyer in the paper from Wallmart. Front cover showed a RCA hi def tv, lit me up as wife and I always need something to buy for the house (Christmas).
    So its Saturday evening and we go to the store early (sale starts Sun) to preview the tv.
    The electronics department dont have one out, they have 2 in the back room of the store, and they wont come out till 1201am.
    So, only 2 for the store, how bout a rain-check. Nope, only 2 at that price.
    Well how do I get a fair chance at one of those, (do I stand here at the register-or where in the store) Dont know, cant help you.
    Now I'm ticked, friggin Walleyworld is bait and switch'n here. Show up and dont get a tv, so you will buy one off the display at $150 more (similar).
    I sent a e mail off to Walmart Central, still waiting... Probably never will answer me, but I aint going to let this drop.
    The sale flier (on the front by the tv) didnt say no rainchecks, or quantities limited.
    Now that bird season is winding down, I have time to fight. (retired too):mad:
  2. I had a deal with the eye center (wally rents to them) Told the woman that i wanted Glass lens, no protection , no tint nothing, Got my eyes examined and she said the bill was 260 bucks, I said why so high, they were 180 or so 2 years ago with frames at another place, she said they have gone up, I said lets see the bill, she added tint and some protection crap, I paid for the exam and went right around the cornor and said how much using my frames (old ones) 100 Bucks, I said you can use my old ones and they said no problem, Wally woman said they couldn't. Needless to say I was on the phone to the store manager, she said she would contact the region manager for the eye center, reginon manager called and gave lame excuses about what went on. needless to say they will never see me again.

  3. Yep Wal-Mart is something else, i would like to know how they get away with half the stuff they pull......
  4. Two things, I found out in Michigan the sale flier must clearly state quantities limited or only 2 per store. OR they have to give you a raincheck.
    I also found out the store manager is the one who pulls a rabbit out of the hat so to speak. Corporate is kind of hands off.
    So I went to see the store manager, and lo and behold, they had a comparable tv to sell at the price.
    Small victory for the home team.