Wanted: Least weasels, starnose moles, and other small mammals

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Alpinist, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. I'm interested in buying whole frozen least weasels, starnose moles, and other small mammals listed below. The skull of each animal must be undamaged and there must be little or no damage to the rest of the animal. I'm also looking for some raw frozen skulls or heads. I pay 100% of USPS priority rate shipping.

    Least weasel $10 each (whole frozen)
    Starnose mole $7 each (whole frozen)
    Eastern mole $2 each (whole frozen)
    Shrews $.25 each (whole frozen)
    Voles $.25 each (whole frozen)
    Jumping mouse $.50 (whole frozen)
    Other mice (deer mouse, whitefooted mouse) - not buying
    Longtail weasel skulls $1 each
    Shorttail weasel (ermine) - not buying
    Squirrel skulls $.50 each
    Chipmunk skulls $.50 each
    Ground squirrel skulls $.50 each
    Groundhog skulls $.50 each

    I will cross out each species when I have enough.

    Send me a PM or email [email protected] for preparation and shipping instructions.
  2. I'm doubling my offering price for least weasels to $20 each (whole frozen).