WD Faber catches first waterwolf

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    The three Faber Boyz have been bugging me to go to Gays Mills to fish the dam ever since they saw a photo in my Man Cave of a big pike I caught there. Yesterday was the day we picked to go.

    Rylee started out the outing with a decent smallie on a crawler and then had a huge pike follow and turn at shore. The three were all shaken and awed on the size of the pike. I told them the size requirements to keep fish on the Kickapoo River. These boyz love keeping fish and cooking them also.

    Dave caught a couple fish. Nothing big enough to keep. That big northern made another run at the black fury later and got the boyz fired up. WD caught the above shown pike on the black fury. He had seen so many fishing shows and seen the huge teeth on the pike in those shows.....WD was terrified of the pike when it was flopping around on shore. He summoned his two brothers to help him.....but....i would NOT let them.

    I told him: "It is your fish to land or lose....we aren't going to baby sit you." WD landed the pike and was sooooo proud that he did it on his own and he caught a bigger fish than his brothers.

    I almost had to pry the three away from the river when it started to get dark. They wanted that big pike that came to shore 2 times. The 2 older boyz complimented their little brother about getting the biggest fish of the outing. Jordan "WD" Faber age "11" plans on cubing that pike up and pickling it.

    Three young brother age 15,13 and 11 love fishing and the outdoors. Their mother tells me that they are obsessed with fishing and hunting. I told her that it is a healthy outlet for their energy and they could get in to lots of trouble with too much time on their hands and the "outdoors" is a good thing to be obsessed with.