WDNR Survey On Why Anglers Left Trout Fishing

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    Recently at WCC meeting I had some of the WDNR fisheries folks close at hand so I did a little question answer thing. I was told the person to ask was Jordan Petchenik from the WDNR. He and a couple others were part of the survey data compilation and he would have more information on the the numbers I wanted to know.

    I contacted Jordan today. I requested some specific data from him and he said he would happily supply it to me. I wanted to know how many surveys were returned and what was the break down of people who left trout fishing. He told me that the survey respondents were broken down in to three groups. Fly anglers, spin anglers and bait anglers were the groups.

    He told me he should have those numbers for me soon. I explained to him that the WDNR when streamlining the regulations should look at the target audience and fashion the changing of the rules and season length to try to entice the majority of anglers that left trout fishing to return.

    I also told him I was a writer and planned on make an article about the data.

    Data is in from Jordan.

    Jordan Petchenik
    Resource Sociologist
    [email protected]

    The survey to lapsed anglers had a response rate of 68%.

    Of the people who responded these were the numbers:

    51% of lapsed anglers often or always fished with live bait;

    35% often or always fished with spinners or lures;

    25% often or always fished with flies.

    The total will not equal 100% because an angler can use multiple techniques in a day of fishing.


    This data speaks for itself. We need to fashion the streamlining of the rules to lure back these anglers. We also need to NOT make more catch and release seasons with no bait allowed because 51 percent of the folks that left used bait and would not return if their preferred method was not allowed.