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  1. Any weasel/ermine guys here?
  2. Not yet, but a wannabe. I live in IA but visit WI pretty often. I've got a non-resident license, and I'd love to go after weasels. But I know nothing about their habitat or bahaviors.

    Anyone have any pointers? I visit Rock, Jefferson, and Walworth counties.

  3. Try contacting the DNR, about trapping classes. Or maybe call the local zoo and request information about the critters in question, also read as much as possible, internet\trapper mags, FUR-FISH-GAME is very good.
    I personally don't trap, so I'm just brainstorming ideas.
  4. I'm not sure if very many guys want to admit to being a "weasle guy":lol:
    I'd spend more time trying to catch them if I had more here in the southern part of the state. I catch one occasionaly on accident.:dizzy:
  5. I have a few living on my land, we meet every year over a gut pile and stare at each other. Beady littl pink eyes critters