Weather-Vane Decoys

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    No need to reset your decoys with every change in the wind
    The new Weathervane decoys will move to face the wind


    These American made decoys give the appearance of a full body goose, yet are stack-able and light for easy transport!
    Their heads are detachable and they come with all of the durability and quality you come to expect from G&H.
    The NEW WEATHERVANE decoy will be offered in Canadian Honkers, Snows and Mallards.
    They will come with stakes creating realistic waddling movement in light gusts of wind
    Goose decoys come with five different head positions; Feeder (shown below), Rester, Greeter, Sentinel and Walker/Preener


    For more information about this or any other of the quality G&H products, go to or call us @ 1-800-443-3269
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