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  1. Title asks my question. I have alway shot 125's but recently at a shoot around I was laughed at by my compadreas. They all told my I was shooting in the dark ages throwing those boulders out at a target???????
    So I ask you all here. Is the speed gained worth switching to 100 grain? Will I lose kinetic energy? For the record I still shoot aluminum logs. Next year I make the big switch to a new bow and going to switch to graph's.
    So, what grain do you all shoot and why?
    Thanks Tom
  2. I still shoot 125s. I was going to switch to 100s so I could use the Rage Broadheads last hunting season but at the last moment I decided to stay with the 125s as I shot them so well. May switch this season. There are less and less 125 broadheads available every year, so eventually I will have to make the change.

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    Bottom line is P = M * V
  4. Tom, I noticed that last year when I went out to buy 3 spare/extra broad heads. I wanted 125 and there was 1 empty slot for the 125's. There was 3 slots for 100's and they had some left. No problem I figured and went to the next larger town and went into the store looking. Just about the same scenario????
    P=MxV //// Mass times velocity Hmm I think P ??? Penetration?
    BTW. I think you sold me on switching to your broadhead. Im going to try it out this month and see how I fling em. Thanks Im going to call my son and ask what you mean, its killin me now! Im a tool and die maker but I was pretty bad in physics too many years ago.
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    P actually is momentum in that equation. It would roughly equate to penetration but there are other variables there like the size of the broadhead. (cutting diameter)
  6. I shoot 100 GR....not for more speed...they just shoot better with my setup.
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    You should loose every aluminum log you have left and make the switch I did that a few years back. I was intantly shooting better and at longer ranges.
  8. I have switched to 100 gr. and have not noticed too much difference. (maybe because I shoot a bit less poundage than I did a few years back.) Im happy with the way I shoot, but know I can improve. From what I see when shooting with the new gen group, their arrows are much flatter. This leads to less mistakes when judgeing distances.
  9. Not p=m*v again I had to learn that in science and once you get to the complicated formulas and stuff its hard. Oh and I shoot 100's just cause I shoot 100 field tips so I dont have to retune my bow.
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  10. I actually switched from 100 grain to the 75 grain this year. I have never taken an animal with the new broadhead but with the diameter and weight of the carbon arrows I shoot I thought the 75 grain would be better suited for that arrow. I also went back to using muzzy's, I tried the rage 3 blade last year and the expense of the blade and the fact that I had to replace the blades everytime I shot something didn't appeal to me.