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Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Steve, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. Steve

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    If you have the time please make a post here to introduce yourself.
  2. Hello, My name is Tom as you could of guessed. Love to hunt, golf and food plotting. Married have 2 grown children. Nice to see site that is dedicated to Wisconsin.

  3. Hello

    Hi, really curious to see if Wisconsin Outdoorsmen will sign up like the Michigan Outdoorsmen have. Since our geography and terrain are similar it should be a good forum to follow.
    I am 58, retired from SBC Phone co, enjoy Bird Hunting, Woodworking, Part time farming and some cooking.
    I live on a small farm, have 40 acres of CRP and 30 tillable acres rented out. I happen to be helping the renter, driving tractor part time. Gotta keep active and doing something interesting and productive.
  4. Steve

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    I think the demographics in the state of Wisconsin are favorable to getting a large forum going here. Time will tell....
  5. Looking forward to talking to some Wisconsin Sportsman about EAB, CWD and other hunting related topics. I went to school in Wisconsin for a couple of years and did a lot of recreating in the great Wisconsin outdoors. My dog (note my avatar, he's a Small Munsterlander Pointer) came from a Wisconsin so it's something of a homecoming for him. :)
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    Hello..I am Simon..nickname Salmon. 51 yrs young and will fish any where they are biting. I have only fished the Wisconsin area around Rhinelander a few times. What I did notice while out there were the myriad of lakes to fish and convoys of vehicles towing boats. When I am not working ,I am fishing. Anyone gets over to Ontario in the summer and I would be happy to get you out for some great lakes salmon.
  7. A little bit about me,...

    Hello to everyone!

    My names Terry and I've been a member on the Michigan site for some time now,... thought I'd come over here after Steve's invite, register and poke around some. Hoping to have some good conversations with my neighbors to the West of the big lake.

    I'm a retired Mechanical Engineer,... but still work full time at a private hunting club here in northern Michigan and then even more on my small farm which is located in an Amish community.

    Married,... 2 kids,.. Matt the oldest is in the US Navy & just finishing his nuclear training in S.Carolina. He just got married to a wonderful young lady who is also in his training class. Allison is in her sophomore year of college and just turned 18 today.

    The site looks good Steve! :)
  8. Coz here.I have used the Michigan board at times and have liked the fellas there.I hope this one is as successful.I am basically a Lake Michigan bum.Although I dont get out as often as most we have had some great trips this year.
  9. Steve

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    Welcome Coz. Again it's great to see the people native to Wisconsin here already along with some of my old friends from other boards.
  10. Shocker

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    Great idea guys! I hope this board takes off like the Michigan one did. Great to have another board!
  11. jpollman

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    Howdy all!

    I'm John and I live in the northern suburbs of Detroit, MI. I'm 43 and a self employed builder. I'm looking forward to hearing about your activities over there in WI.

    Congratulations Steve, before you know it you'll be running "North American-Sporstman"! :D

    Take care

  12. Bwana

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    I'm Tim. I'm one of the Michigan Bums too. :D I am looking forward to discussing Deer Management with some of the neighbors to the west to see if we can share some good ideals.
  13. Whit1

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    Thanks Steve for the "heads-up" on the launch of WisconsinOutdoors.

    For you Badger State lovers of the outdoors Steve runs a great site. I'm a regular in his Michigan-Sportsman.com balliwick and it's a great place to kick back, relax and enjoy your love of the outdoors through the internet.

    I'm especially interested in reading the deer forum discussions and compare notes to what we experience here in Michigan.
  14. UPJerry

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    Hi, I'm from the Michigan forums. Funny how most of the early members of this site are not Wisconsin residents!

    It's great that Wisconsin has its own dedicated forum now. I am also a member of the thriving Minnesota HSO board and it didn't seem right for the state in between MN and MI not to have its own site.

    I have big plans to travel northern Wisconsin next summer and am looking forward to the wealth of information I expect to find here.
  15. Hi All!

    I'm a Steve fan from Michigan. I hope Badgers will fing this site useful! I'm a bowhunter, gun hunter, reloader, salmon troller, stream fisherman, etc, etc. GO LIONS!