Well did anyone get a deer ????

Discussion in 'General Wisconsin Hunting' started by Walleye-1, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. Just wondering how you Wisconsin hunters did gun hunting ??

    Post up your stories and pictures.....
  2. Saw close to 40 deer this last weekend. Didnt shoot at any of them - too small. All were with-in 40 yards of me to! It is neat watching those small bucks chase the doe around. I am hoping a big boy will be chasing a doe next time I go out.

  3. Obviously you are not hunting in an EAB unit.:mischeif:
  4. Poorest opening weekend I have had in 25 years of hunting !!

    Thats o.k. cuz' it has been one of the best for grouse in 25 years.
  5. Sometimes it not always about the big one silver_yummies...And good luck there still is alot of season left..

    It doesnt matter if the deer cooperated just being in the woods is good for me..However i think grouse taste better than deer anyways..:lol: But you need more of them......lol.....

  6. Agreed !! I like the way you think
  7. Once again folks are being led down the wrong path.

    Your assertions are a bit skewd.:tsk:

    Grouse is the best tasting of the upland birds.

    Venison is the best of the big game meats.

    Head to head it is venison.

    But for all outdoor game eating, the mallard duck is tops!:bouncy:

    You are welcome.:wink:
  8. Took a doe. Buddy took a decent basket typical 8 pointer....

    My truck crapped out on the way home Monday....in Osseo. Going up to get it tonight in this fine WI weather. Happy Holidays.....

  9. Congrats on the deer, but that stinks about the truck...

    Happy Holidays to you too and all..
  10. 1st year in over 20, that I have not shot a trophy buck. I took a few doe, and passed on a lot of small and even a few decent bucks. But the only big ones to come close resulted in two cleen misses.
  11. My son got one back on opening day...
    My hunting partner and I had been watching a few bucks all summmer hoping to knock one or two down this fall. On the opener here in Wisconsin, I took my boy The Rat Slayer along for the opening day hunt and set him up where a 10 point buck had been dropping off a point in the evenings in hopes he would get a chance to whack him... Well, he came down off the bluff really early to stage on some acorns on the ridge side. 1st deer out was a fork horn. Rat let the forky slide by as he kept the 10 pointer focused in his camera ( He was self filming ) The buck passed by at close range, and the Rat Slayer took a sharp quartering shot. The arrow hit just behind the shoulder, just below the spine. The impact was just as the buck stepped out of the camera screen, but even though, this would be the boys 1st deer ever with a bow, he held his cool and got right on the camera and filmed the deer running away. After discussing the shot with him, and realizeing there was no exit wound to bleed out, we waited till morning to track. He was lying about 40 yards from where Rat last saw him....Pic's taken out of the summer scouting footage:

    The Rat Slayer and hnis 1st bow kill ever!!!