Wetland Mitigation Bank Proposed in Monroe County

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    Contact(s): Pam Schense, DNR wetland mitigation coordinator, [email protected], 608-266-9266; Jennifer Sereno, DNR communications, [email protected], 608-770-8084

    Tomah,Wis. - The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has received a proposal to restore and enhance wetlands to create a wetland mitigation bank in the town of Tomah, Monroe County.

    Wetland mitigation banks are restored, enhanced or created wetlands whose purpose is to provide credits to offset unavoidable impacts to existing wetlands. State law requires wetland compensatory mitigation to offset unavoidable wetland impacts authorized under a DNR wetland individual permit. A mitigation bank sponsor may sell credits to applicants applying for permits to impact wetland and applicants may be able to fulfill their legal mitigation obligation by purchasing these credits.

    The mitigation bank is proposed by Spartan Land Investments and is called the Kreyer Creek Wetland Mitigation Bank. The bank site is composed of 226 acres of farmed and degraded wetlands and upland buffer.

    The mitigation bank plan proposes to restore and enhance nearly 7 acres of sedge meadow, 16 acres of fresh (wet) meadow, 44 acres of wet to wet-mesic prairie, 28 acres of shrub swamp and 79 acres of wooded swamp. In addition, the plan proposes to enhance 54 acres of surrounding upland buffer. Construction would begin in the spring of 2016.

    The site will be monitored and managed for at least five to 10 years following the completion of construction, depending on the wetland community type. The mitigation bank plan projects that the bank site will yield 165 wetland mitigation credits.

    All questions, comments, or requests for additional information regarding the Kreyer Creek Wetland Mitigation Bank should be directed to Pam Schense, DNR Wetland Mitigation Coordinator, at 608-266-9266 or [email protected].

    DNR will consider any comments regarding the Kreyer Creek Wetland Mitigation Bank plan received before Oct. 19, 2015.

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