What are the birds doing?

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  1. Is anyone having any luck turkey hunting? Are the birds prettty responsive or havethey been pretty quiet?
  2. My son let 2 jakes walk opening week at 10 yrds and that was about the closest we came to a tom. Not a great week but at least we had action. Hit or mis on the gobling. I dont theink they were too hen-ny yet. The third week I hit the winds from hell. Sat was 30+mph. Needles to say that day sucked! Sunday was a perfect day except we only saw 1 tom fly into our field and he never showed his face again, nor did any other bird the whole weekend!!!! It would of been the worst weekend of turkey hunting I ever had except for it was warmer (than the actual worst one I had) lol. I have not seen a lot of birds but they are there. For me,,,, this year stunk. I have one more chance (May 20th ) to call in a tom. This time it would be for my wife. It looks like I wont be doing that though since my son graduates for college at uw eauclaire and we need to move 2 others out of the dorms (our girls) Wife dont want to hunt with so much work ahead of us.

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    The windy weather sure hasn't made it easy lately.
  4. this entire year has been a little differant from what I have seen or heard. I had my season, last week and got my tom on the second morning. I had an oppertunity the first day (mid morning) but blew it. It seems like the birds gobbled in the morning and once they hit the ground they were silent.

    I also get the feeling that there are less birds than there were a few years ago. We used to see large flocks in the fields all winter and spring, but hte groups now seem to be smaller. Anyone else notice this? or is it just me?
  5. The place where i live lacks this bird but i have heard that this bird do migrates from place to place. Hope you ll get other avenues too.