What are you shooting?

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Well after last years hunting season I finally found a nice over and under. I have only hunted with a pump shot gun so I can not wait to get this new gun out. I will still use my pump for waterfowl. My pump is a Remington Wingmaster 12 gage goose addition 30 inch barrel full choke. my new over and under is a Mossberg Maverick Over and Under 28 inch barrel first shot improved cylinder second shot modified.

  2. I use a 12 ga. Beretta Silver Pigeon II O/U as my everyday gun. If I feel like a smaller ga. I'll used my Winchester 20 ga. pump or sometimes I'll pull out my first gun, which is a single shot bolt action .410.

    I used to use my grandfather's (now my father's) 12 ga. Browning A5.

  3. my workhorse of choice is ruger red labels, either synthetic stock of wood, doesn't matter. Just a great fitting gun for me.
  4. Picked up a Benelli Ultra Light 12 I will evaluate it this season. Backup is Winchester 59 win-lite. For Waterfowl Remington 11-87 and Browning Gold.:bouncy:
  5. I needed an upgrade from my BPS and picked up at Browning silver 12 ga. I love the gun.