What bow is on your wish list for next year?

Discussion in 'Archery and Crossbows' started by Steve, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    I really like the Bowtech General.
  2. I personally want a diamond...but then again so does my wife. I want a bow, she wants a stone. I doubt that either of us will ever see it though. Either the Blackice or the Marquis would fit in my closet just fine!
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  3. Bow tec or a Ross....we'll see how they shoot.....if'n money was no object........
    For now i stay with my Oneida......if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!:evil:
  4. kurtish

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    I really want to shoot the new PSE....everything I've read about it has been positive. I've been shooting the original Switchback since it came out and I love the way it shoots so I probably won't be making the switch any time soon.
  5. PSE T-Bolt

    I purchased the 2008 PSE T-Bolt last year and I am very happy with it. I had a PSE years ago and never really liked it. Last fall when I was in the market for a new bow I shot about every brand possible. I was really impressed with the new PSE bows. The T-Bolt felt very comfortable to me. I am really impressed with their equipement and price.
  6. I shoot the Hoyt Vectrix, and love it.:smile: There is nothing above it in the compound bow hunting world, so I have no new bow wishes.
  7. Im buying a Bowteck Admiral after season this year, my problem comes in when I also told my son I would buy him a college grad present of a new "Bowtech admiral". One bow is do able for me but now I need to come up with another grand. Looks like that "winter part time jobs" money is already spent?
  8. Bowtech Admiral. Made the mistake of pulling one back at the Deer Classic in Green bay last Winter.
  9. My kid and I were at Buck Rub Archery where we shot and compared bows. I have had hoyt for a long time. I was going in with Mathews on my mind. With zero discusion we both were amazed at the Admiral compared to the hoyt and the mathews. In fact in out opinion there was absolutely no contest. from shock free shooting to noise to smoothness of pull the Bow Tech in both our hands felt far superior. Im sure my buddy with his new Mathews will argue on his behalf though.
  10. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    Team Bowtech rocks.
  11. Wish List

    I would like an Excalibur Vortex to go along with my Equinox and Phoenix.