what caliber for my son

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  1. i am looking at guns for my son for deer he is small i am looking at some single shot combos like 243 20 gage combo or 44 mag combo in a few years i would like to take him bear huntig i do not know if the 243 would be big enough i did read about guys takeing bear with it but i dont know if it would do the job
  2. I personally would buy him an adult gun. Let him grow into it. 30-06 for caliber and start him out the first couple years shooting the Remington reduced recoil loads they have. A guy I work with did this for his son. He bought him a Remington bolt action new. And had him shoot the reduced recoil loads. His son is a small guy and had no troubles shooting the gun and went thru a box of shells with out a complaint. This way when your boy gets bigger he'll have a gun that'll do the job on anything he hunts.

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    Like Beaver creek says, a 30-06 with the reduced recoil loads won't kill him.
  4. i have a 30-06 i will have to try that with him if that works thats what he will get i love my 30-06 thanks for the info
  5. Bolt action in a 7MM-08 the rifle will be lighter than a 06 for the lil guy; it will have a short action vs. the long action of the 06 which makes it easy for him to work the bolt. Recoil is that of the reduced recoil loads. It will be a gun that he can use the rest of his life and quite capable of taking all game on the North American Continent except for dangerous game like Alaskan Brown Bears & Griz. So for Black Bear, Deer, Moose, and elk at reasonable ranges he would never need another weapon.

    You can even buy a youth model stock at Cabelas and drop the barrel and action in it till he grows some and the full size stock will fit. A gun that does not fit the shooter is not an accurate gun!
  6. Listen to water Dog....he is right on the money. The 7-08 is a excellent caliber.
  7. I'll also put in a plug for the 7mm08 as a good choice for your little guy.My son and I both shoot one.We've only shot deer , but the deer we shot went very little distance.The recoil is light which makes them afun gun to shoot.
  8. 7mm-08 has been my sons gun since 14 He is 22 now.
  9. i will have to look at the 7mm-08 thanks for the info
  10. I agree with the other guys 30-06 or even a 270 would be good for him
  11. Just don't "overgun" him. IMO the worst thing you can do is give a kid too much gun. Let him borrow friends & families rifles at the range. The gun needs to fit. My 94 Winchester beats ME up more than my '06. I assume it is just how the gun fits me! I like the 7/08 and some of the new Remington reduced loads would help in the '06 also. Good luck with you search. Nothing better than hunting with family!!!
  12. 7mm-08 or 270 or 270wsm in a bolt action.

    Unless you hunt some seriously large game, thats going to take care of him for life.
    I personally am not a fan of the 30-06 round, sorry guys.

    Single shots are a poor investment for a first time hunter in my personal opinion. A thompson center for the experienced hunter would be a totally different thing.
  13. My son is 11, he has a 30.06, my old one, He enjoys shooting it with some reduced recoil hand loads.

    Now the rifle he really wanted was the 25.06, very little kick and very fast, flat and accurate. I would get a kid one of these over the 7mm.08, but that is just me.

    My son also likes to shoot my 7mm, even with the pumped up hand loads. He said it kicks less than the 30.06 with the pumped up loads for that.