What is It ?

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  1. Got this picture and I am trying to figure what it is. Any one have any guesses?

  2. Tom Where was it took?
    Kinda has features of a bobcat except for the body size.
  3. my first impression was a bobcat
  4. The picture was taken in North central Wisconsin. On a couple of other forums it was suggested that it might be a Lynx. Did a little research on a Lynx and they are in Wisconsin but not common. The description matched what I have. One characteristic is the longer legs that make them appear larger than Bobcats.
  5. I see what your talking about now. Funny that I think in the back of my mind that was also the first thing I thought of (lynxe) but never considered it because of our location. Hey, anything is possible here. Hell maybe its a Tom cat that has been eating in your awesome food plots.
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    Hard to tell for sure. If it's a lynx that's sweet, I wanted to say wolf but looking at the hind end I don't see any tail....Never know what you're gonna catch!
  7. Idk looks like it could be a wolf. Long legs, pointy ears, big body. In my opinion to big to be a bobcat or lynx. It looks like it has a stubby tail but I think maybe it is turned @ the right angle so u can't c it
  8. id say lynx or bobcat before coyote or wolf. more than likely the latter. the hind legs are longer than the front. tell tale sign of a cat. pointy ears and the stripes on the front legs are another tell tale sign of a cat. and a short tail. and it looks like its standing somewhat ontop of the snow where a wolf or coyote would sink in a bit. i personally dont think it looks very big. who knows tho?

  9. how deep was the snow in this photo
  10. Looks like a wolf to me but its hard to tell for sure. You have any wolf sightings in this are a before? If not probably just a big yote.
  11. REALLY looks like a wolf to me.
    Id choose a canine over feline.