What is the open carry policy in this state while hunting?

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  1. Am I allowed to carry a sidearm while hunting in this state? If the answer is no, why the hell not? I'm hoping my buddy was just messing with me. Shame on me for not knowing the gun laws better, but I figured I was covered under the Constitution. The last state I was in allowed concealed carry during all seasons. I'm new to Wisconsin and to say the least I was very frustrated (PC for fit to be tied/fuming angry) when I heard this. If I am carrying the sidearm for personal defense, and that purpose only, I see no problem with it. Between mountain lions, bears, wolves etc. I would think the state would understand.
  2. It is allowed but call the DNR to be exact to what you can carry.

    I think (and could be wrong) you can carry a revolver exposed. I know I do as I carry a .44 for some wolf control if needed while I grouse hunt. But I do think it has to be a revolver and not a glock or that type of weapon.


  3. You can OPEN carry in this state and while hunting. Where you open carry needs to be picked carefully, but for hunting it's not a problem to have a side arm along while bow hunting. To transport a hand gun it has to be unloaded and fully enclosed in a case. A holster is not legal for transport. This includes ATV's and Snow mobiles
  4. Open Carry

    I called the DNR and spoke to Law Enforcement Officer Tom last week and he said a pistol/revolver was allowed as long as it was visible. It cannot be under your raincoat or jacket. He also said if you don't have aholster you can carry it in your hand as long as it is visible.
  5. If carrying during hunting season. Does it have to be a legal caliber for the season that is open ( say a .357 during deer season vs. a 9mm).
  6. Open carry is always a sketchy thing. Wardens are there to enforce the law not interpet them just like any other law enforcement agent. Still a warden make give you a ticket for this or that depending on the situation. Mostly you will be just fine with anything so long as it is not concealed. During deer season to prevent any trouble I would be sure to stick with something that is legal which is 5.5" barrel or longer. A 9mm is legal if the barrel is length is long enough.

    Here is the rule from the DNR deer regs.

    • To be legal for deer, handguns must use center-fire cartridges of .22 caliber or
    larger and have a 5½ inch minimum barrel, measured from the firing pin to the
    muzzle with the action closed.
    • You may not possess a concealed handgun.
    • Muzzleloading handguns, see “Muzzleloaders,” above.
    • It is illegal to hunt with a handgun if under age 18.

  7. Always some mis-information out there. I never worry about open carry in the woods. I also usually have a hunting license, hunting or not. The main reason I would want CC in WI is to be able to carry under a coat in the outdoors when the weather requires. The 1st step is to get rid of Doyle.
  8. Yeah...Daddy! Now your talk'n. Doyle has got ot go. I would vote for miss piggy instead of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wink::wink:
  9. Apologies!

    Man I had no idea I had gotten so many responses on this thread.... I appreciate all of the replies and now that I've lived here for about a year I've got the law down pat.... so to speak. It is definitely sketchy.... but I am proud to say I open carry in the woods. I guess if the DNR wants to, they can bust me depending on how they feel, but I'll just explain to them why I'm carrying and that I'm not up to no good. Hopefully they see it.

    I've met a few and they seem decent. They also return phone calls and aren't jerks about it either. I was quite suprised as I'm not used to that. So I guess to sumarize it all up... I feel easy about it now.

    Thanks for all of the replies!