What season you get?

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  1. Don't know if this is good or bad? I have the first season (A). My son didnt get his first pick of season {B} he got season (A) too! Since he is in his last year at college, he can not hunt till Saturday morning anyway. This will allow me to mess around and hunt some birds with the bow, maybe try some different properties and leave the honey hole for the kid? So the good thing is my wife drew the perfect week for her. May 12-16th! Should be warmer and also we are starting to move the three (3) kids out of their dorms. That is a huge job (2) of them are girls and have half a house packed into their dorm rooms) We start a week early so this will allow us time to get out in the mornings, she has yet to take a Tom but is getting close. I just need to do a better job of calling lol
    What season did you all draw?
  2. I got Season D in Zone 1. Not sure if this late is good or bad...this is my first time Turkey Hunting. But either way it should be a good time. Any time spent in the woods is better than at home anyways!

  3. I forgot to apply this year, so i will have to rely on the leftovers. Anyone know when they become available?
  4. My wife and I got the second season in Zone 5. Today I saw 5 Toms in full display with a bunch of hens with them. Seemed quite early to see this but maybe they know something we don't. Maybe spring is coming early.
  5. Remaining permits will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Each zone will have a designated sales date with sales starting at 10 am through Midnight each day. These sales will be held for 5 consecutive dayswith customers able to purchase one permit per day. Remaining permits for all zones will go on sale on the sixth day (one permit per day) and will remain on sale until permits are sold out. Only the following zones have permits available. The scheduled dates are:

    Zone 1- Monday, March 22
    Zone 2- Tuesday, March 23rd
    Zone 3- Wednesday, March 24th
    Zone 4- Thursday, March 25th
    Zones 5 & 6- Friday, March 26th

    That was taken verbatim from the back of the card from the DNR which notified me of the Season and Zone I got.
  6. I got season B in zone 4.
    If I remember correctly it was my first choice.
  7. Zone 2... 3rd period...
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    So how's the Wisconsin Turkey Hunting going? Got all your scouting in? Seeing any birds?