What's Your Favorite Caliber

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  1. Buck

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    The .280 Rem would be my first pick,with the 6.5x55 Swede a close second and for general plinking and critter control the .22 Hornet is still my personal favorite out of my contender carbine.
    These will get the job done and not beat you up with recoil.
  2. My first pick would be my 30-06 Rem , and second would be my 338 Rem Ultra Mag and third would be my little .17 for the smaller critters...

  3. 7mm and the .300 are awesome for me.
  4. UPWannabe

    UPWannabe Guest

    I don't neccessarily have a favorite caliber but that little .17HMR sure is fun to shoot.
  5. 50cal muzzleloader that's the only rifle I own.
  6. fav cal

    25/06 kills like the hand of god, i shot crop damage with it in the U.P for quite a few years among many others an the 25 just turns out there lights
  7. For whitetail in 95% of Wisconsin hunting situations and conditions.....the tried and true 30/30 lever.
  8. .45

    In a revolver, in a win94 carbine and in a flintlock muzzleloader.
    Need a Sharps to round out that collection.

  9. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the .250 Savage. I've owned several and found it to be a sweet shooting deer cartridge. Do not currently have one but recently found a mint condition Ruger M77 tang safety ultralight in .250 Savage, that I'm going to be picking up tomorrow. Giving myself an early Christmas present! :lol:

  10. I hear ya',... I've got a 7mm Mag (natch'),.. and a .300 Ultra plus a 30-06!

    I reload for everything I shoot.:wink::smile: