When dogs attack

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  1. Ralph the Golden retriever 1968, He don'd Bite
    In the late 60's I duck hunted a lot. I owned A Golden Retriever that I called Ralph, I named him after the guy that got him for me for free. I got him at 6 months old, He was really tall and at 2 years old he could put his Paws on my shoulders standing on the ground and I am 6-3, his hunting weight was 130 pounds. A breeder that was into Goldens for 30 or more years said he never saw a Golden as big as Ralph was.
    Ralph was well behaved except he loved every one and I had to keep my eye on him when people were around because he would run up to them and wanted to be petted like all Goldens do but most people were afraid of him because of his size and he moved so quickly.
    Around his head he had a lot of Ruffled fur that made him appear a lot bigger in the head area.
    Me and a friend went to a lake one morning to do some duck hunting, Ralph was so big he rode in the back of the open bed of my pick up. we arrived way before day light and pulled in next to a station wagon with two guys setting in it drinking Coffey with their interior lights on, It was pitch black out. we were setting in the truck for just a few minutes when I heard a scream and I looked at the station wagon just in time to see the guys in the station wagon throwing their Coffey cups in the air and the door's flew open with the driver falling on the ground and in a mili second was up and running, the passenger was ahead of him, I got out with flash light in hand to see what had scared them so bad, The driver had stopped about 100 feet away and he screamed out, watch it he's in the car, I looked at the station wagon and there was Ralph, He had jumped out of my truck and the rear door of the station was let down and Ralph jumped into the rear of the wagon moving Quickly up to meet his new friends. I said its just My dog, The two guys came back and were still shaking and told me this story.
    They of course saw me drive in and park next to them, They were talking about the upcoming hunt this morning when they both felt the station wagon shake, The driver said they both turned and looked at the back of the station wagon just in time to see what appeared to be a African lion about ready to kill them moving fast from the rear of the station wagon, we didn't take time to do any thing but run just knowing this lion would be on us in a second. I asked them why they thought a lion would be out here, the driver said I thought maybe it escaped from a circus, I laughed until I had tears in my eyes, these guys didn't stop shaking for twenty minutes.
    Another Time I had Ralph inside of my pickup and stopped to get a cup of Coffey at a restaurant and was just about to back out when a guy walked up the passenger side of the pick up and was fairly close because there was a car parked next to me, when he reached my passenger door Ralph saw him and stuck his head out almost touching him wanting to be petted, the Guy screamed throwing his hands in the air almost falling over the hood of the car he backed into trying to get away from Ralph, I got out and said are you all right as he was breathing hard and just staring at the truck, I said I am sorry my dog scared you but he doesn't bite, he just wanted to be petted, The guys eyes were still wide and he said man "" I thought it was a lion about to grab me"", we both had a laugh over that one

    I have always owned breeds that are friendly, never cared much for the guard dog type, I was always afraid they might bite a kid.. My current mop of a dog has scared many people, she is really quick and so small, Just the other day me and 2 friends were standing by my garage when the meter reader drove up, I thought he saw the dog but he didn't, he got out and my dog is trained to stay by me until the person gets out of the car, as he stepped Out I said Kill putty, well she was already at his legs jumping on him, her little claws were scratching his bare legs as he had shorts on, he started jumping straight up and hollering , me and my 2 friends were laughing, he said he thought some wild animal was biting his legs.
    A better one was a couple of years ago when a young kid I know had a flat in front of my house on his boat trailer, I said leave it in my parking lot it as he had no spare, he said he would be back tomorrow when he had it fixed. well the next day I looked out and saw him bent over puttings the tire on the trailer, Me and putty went out the door and I didn't think any thing, well putty ran like a bullet to him as every one that comes in the yard is a new playmate, it was summer and the kid had shorts on, when she reached him she was on her back legs scratching his legs with her little claws, all of a sudden he stood up screaming at the top of his lungs like a girl, even when he saw me he still continued screaming, when he finaly settled down in between trying to catch his breath he said I THOUGHT A GROUND HOG HAD ATTACkED ME, I said why in the world would you think a ground hog had attacked you, he said I felt them little claws on my leg and it felt just like some thing biting me and I just thought ground hog attack. I never let him forget this one,
    Funny all my dogs have been friendly and been mistaken for wild animals because of them being so friendly