When traveling through areas with abundant wildlife, remember a few quick safety tips

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    Contact(s): Dianne Robinson, DNR wildlife biologist, 262-424-9827

    MILWAUKEE - Wisconsin's state parks, forests and wildlife areas are great places to experience the diversity of wildlife on our lands. As you are drive to and from these sites this fall be extra cautious, as many wildlife species are most active during dawn and dusk, traveling to and from foraging sites.

    During August and September, more young wild animals are beginning to travel with the adults, and often know very little of the dangers of the road. Sandhill cranes and wild turkeys will commonly travel between roosting sites and open forage fields, and young birds are still learning to fly during this time.

    Below are some safety tips to keep in mind while driving in areas where wildlife may be most active:

    • if you see an animal in the road, slow down to avoid an accident;
    • be vigilant in early morning and evening hours, the most active time for most wildlife; and
    • be especially cautious on roads bordered by woods or fields, or where streams cross under roads.

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