Where do we go to learn how to fly fish trout?

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  1. I want to learn how to fly fish trout. I have fished for trout for over forty five years but want to learn how to fly fish them. I also need to learn how to tye flies and what flies to use at different times of the year. Please someone help me too get started. I have the fly rod and know how to cast but need the other info. Thanks alot!:smile::smile:

    Also I am looking for an outfitter with lodging near by to go to this spring!
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  2. Last weekend there was a fly tying class at Gander Mt. in Wausau. I know they do this several times a year. Check with your local full service fishing gear store. There are also many good books on the subject. I started with "The Art of Fly Tying" by John Van Vliet; "The Angler's Fly Identifier", the conplete Guide to Insects and Artificials, by Dr. Stephen J. Simpson & Dr. George C. McGavin; an older book "Art Flick's Master Fly Tying Guide". You also might want to check out the web site www.fedflyfishers.org where you can download patterns and really good tying instructions.:idea:

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    Thanks Muddy; I figure it's never too late to learn. I'll check out the books you mentioned!:smile:
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    Ask some questions here. I'm sure you will get some good answers.
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    I read Art Flicks book and am starting this week to tye flys. I also have a book by Randall Kaufmann for beginners. What are the best flies for trout? I know it depends on what bugs are in the water, but are there any flys that are consistent favorites? I am hooked on this. Thanks for your input!

    Any one that can give me pointers would be appreciated!:smile::smile::smile:
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    buggers and bead headed nymphs are good year round.

    Use an indicator.
  7. I agree with Spinner. Bead Heads are a good place to start. Easy to tye and you can ues them now. Start with a little larger size to get the hang of winding and material placement. You can use lead wire to very the weight. I like some to drop fast some slow. Tye up a bunch using both feathers and hair for practice. Once you feel good about the tying process switch to wings and tails for a challange. Mayfly and caddis would be a good start. Have fun and buy a pair of magnifting glasses.:smile:
  8. 10-4 on the magnifying glasses! I wish I would have started this about thirty years ago. I am having a blast tying the bead headed flys. I have tried to tye some with hackle feathers, its neat to see the different ways the wings and tails are made. I am just following the book and starting with the easyist ones first.

    I appreciate any advice I can get!:smile:
  9. Well, I am going to the upper Brule fly fishin in mid june and have a question. What would be my best bet to tye up and take along? I will have a guide the first day and he will help me with what to use but, any one ever fish the Brule that time of year? We are floating in canoes and wading, I can't waite.
  10. I've fished the Brule , I'm talking border of Michigan /Wi, that would be North on 139 , South of Iron River , Mi, floated down Brule to Goodman Grade , nice trip with some nice deep pockets to fish ,

    I've always used handmade flies , I get them from ,
    http://www.wetieit.com/ and Bill does teach fly fishing ,

    I agree headed nymphs are the best

    now for using a ultra rod /reel I use Panther Martin Lures
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