Where you going to go when the volcano blows Kermit? (3 day trout report)

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  1. With the weatherman telling us that warm temps were in the forecast we decided to take Friday off and head to the rivers a little early!:evil:

    There was a hard rain on Thursday during our drive up to Wisonsin but the first stream we hit on Friday morning was the clearist it had been all year. The BWO's were hatching nicely. Many fish were rising to take them off the surface. There were also stoneflys on the water. Yellow Sally's were working almost as well as as P.T. nymphs, BWO parachutes, and the Martini olives.

    The most unusual hatch for Friday I saw was the frog. First frog sighting of the year for me. I spoted him at the end of riffle and he floated down about 50 yards thru a run to a pool where I had just seen a 15" brook trout. I kept my eyes alert to see if the big fish would take what was being given to him. He did not. The frog drifted lazely down the river until I could see him no more. Like Kermit this frog had no cares in the world. He gave little effort and did not seem nervous at all. I wouldn't push that luck to long!:tsk:

    There are some rivers that are still to much like swiss miss to have much luck. But those rivers are becoming fewer and far between. The runoff has been slow and the rains have not been heavy. With the introduction of warmer weather we have been seeing more cars at access points.

    Saturday found us fishing some different rivers. The fishing was tougher with sunny skies and lots of big wind. Wooly worms, White Rattlers & P.T. flashbacks got the few fishes attention. I did manage to find one shed on my walk near the bank. I also say another new bug this year. My first sighting of a butterfly. We also saw some billygoats running down the road. Shortly after we say them we watched a truck drop it's tailgate and drag it about 60 yards until it finnally stopped right in front of us! They got it back on and away they went.

    Sunday we hardly saw a soul out. It appeared that most people from Illinois had already left the area. In the previous day's Illinois plates out numbered Wisconsin plates at access points. It was cloudy and extreamly windy with some rain mixed in.

    When we approached the river at one of our favorite spots we looked downstream and we could see the water boil with rising trout. It was like a volcanoe movie where fish start jumping out of the lake water right before an erruption. You could litterally see 4 or 5 trout breaking the surface at the same time. THE BWO'S WERE ON!!!! Size 18 was almost all they wanted. The hurricane winds would blow and the fish would go down. It would stop blowing for 10 seconds or so and the fish would be up. I'm use to timing cast for rising trout but had to adjust to timing casts for the wind.

    As soon as the rain really kicked in the BWO's ended but the streamer fishing went beserk. Every 3 or 4 casts would get a trout to come out and either turn or take. White rattlers and White zonkers were most effective.

    I'll be going to a Tigers....yes GO DETROIT...game this upcoming weekend. Then it's off to our property on the East Branch of the Ausable to go after the trout over there. Finnally bought a digital camera so I hope to have pictures up for the next report!:smile: