Who's ready for ice??

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Ice Fishing' started by birdhunter, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Me Too.

    I am looking forward to ice fishing this year also. I moved to Wisconsin in early June from Michigan. I was fortunate to do a lot of salmon fishing during the summer months and a lot of ice fishing during the winter. Since I've moved here I have only gone out fishing once since I do not own a boat. I am really looking forward to ice fishing because I can get out on a lot of the lakes in my area. Hopefully it wont be long.


  2. From the looks of the weather...

    it won't be. Much as I hate the snow and cold, I am always glad to see the ice fishing season arrive. Just the thought of those fresh perch...yummm!
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    Drove through the Dells on the way to Minnetonka to visit my son last 4th. Looks like a very nice area. Hows the fishing there?

  4. It's going to be a little bit yet guys. Here in Vilas county we are jsut starting to see the smaller lakes skim over. The bigs lakes are seeing some shore ice, with bays starting to skim. A few creeks and smaller ponds have froze over. One pond/ small lake of about 5 acres has 2" of ice on it.

    Got a little colder weather coming, but day temps going over 30. At least this may keep the snow layer down on them. The snow really nakes it nasty with slush.

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    This weather continues to look promising.