WI Training season 09

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  1. I have this thread started on a few other hound related sites. Since most of you do not frequent those sites. I thought I would share these adventures in a least one other place open to the general public. This is the place I have chosen to do so.

    So I will post our adventures starting on July 1st when the season starts. Hopefully some of the others that are on here will as well.(WATERDOG!!)

    I know it won't be the same as being there with us, but I'm sure you will enjoy the stories as others have in the years past.

    Only 8 days to go!!!!!!!

  2. I hear ya, I hear ya! :) Just seen about a 200 lb. bear on the edge of my property when I was getting home from work. It wont be long now!!

  3. Day 1 I had to work in the a.m. but a couple of guys went out. Checked the baits and a couple were hit that we like to run off of so they put a couple dogs on it to see if they could get it going. After a short while they sounded like it was jumped so they fed in a couple more dogs and a short time later they were barking treed. So they high tailed it into them and when they got to the tree it was slicker than a babies bottom. So they gathered up the dogs and called it a morning.
    I met up with them about 1:30 p.m. and the first bait we checked was hit since this a.m. so we put a 4 dogs on it and they got it going but one dog came back. They were about out of ear shot so we moved to where we thought they would be and they were not to far from the road and treed. So I grabed my pup and was going to walk it in and got part way there when one of the guys that was just about to the tree yelled that it bailed out. So we made it back out to the road and they stayed with it for a while longer and they sounded like they were treed again not far from where they were last time so we went back in and this time they had it up to stay. It was a crappy spot for trying to lead a pup into but there was a old two track right next to the tree that we were able to walk most of the way out on. Made it much nicer! Roughly the bear was about 225 lbs. So day one is in the books for us. No dogs, Bears, or Hunters were harmed in tis report :)
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  4. Waterdog, when you said the tree was slicker than a babies bottom, what point were you making??
  5. WD, that is funny there.

    Well we now have 13 days of hunting in the books. Several trees, and a lot of good long races. Today is a day off due to blowing my 2nd tire in as many days. What can you do.

    Only injuries for us so far are a pulled muscle/bruise on one of our dogs, and a twisted foot on me. Others have not been so lucky. There have been several dogs killed by wolves since July 1st. The DNR admits to 4 beig killed and 5 injured. I know of another 3 that were killed as well. This does not inlcude others that have not been listed prior to July 1st, or ones that some guys have not reported.

    Late this winter there was a beagle eaten right on the chain in the owners backyard. Near Rhinelander.

    Hopefully we can avoid them, and have anther safe hunting season.