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  1. Did a search and didn't come up with anything this specific. Anyone here specifically take a certain time of the year to target coyote / fox?

    Typically, if you're watching The Outdoor Channel and there's a show on coyote/predator hunting, they're in a location where there are miles and miles of open low lying grassland and prairies.

    And unless you've got several acres of farmland, most of the areas that I hunt here in Wisconsin simply don't have that kind of terrain. A lot of the land that I have access to are your standard hardwood forests... i.e., lots of oaks, maple, birch, pine, etc, etc.

    How do you guys go about setting up for coyote hunting in these areas? Are you sitting with your back to a large brushpile or clump of trees and calling from there? Where exactly are you placing your bait + decoy in a standard hardwood area? I'm asking because it doesn't seem like I have the luxury of putting my bait + decoy in excess of 100 yds. away. I feel like I'd have to place my decoy + bait in an area and simply hope that it's spotted or smelled by a predator passing by.

    Anyone else do any predator hunting this kind of area?




  2. I am just starting out and I have plenty of open pasture land to hunt. Plus fields that border the woods like you have pictured. I am guessing you must live in the northern part of Wis?

  3. I actually live in Oshkosh, but I've a couple of buddies who have a place in Merrill and another one in Coloma. It's pretty thick as in the photos I've taken above... it seems like this kind of terrain for coyote hunting would be next to impossible. But I'm going to give it a shot and hunt 'em hard next year.
  4. I've shot them in woods like in your second and last picture. Getting on them before they get on you could be the biggest problem. Remember to wear a good cover scent.