Wisconsin Feral Cat Documentary to appear on WI Public TV

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  1. I am the director of the documentary Here, Kitty Kitty and have come on these forums to let you know that the film will air on Wisconsin Public Television (all stations except Milwaukee) on April 18th on the series Director's Cut Presents. The show starts at 9:30 pm with a half-hour interview that I did with the show several months ago. The film will follow this interview at around 10 pm. Here is a brief synopsis of the movie:

    In 2005, the state of Wisconsin became the laughing stock of the nation as it debated a proposal to legalize the shooting of cats. Here, Kitty,Kitty scratches beneath the media blitz to reveal a surprisingly nuanced tale involving ruthless cat-lovers, unapologetic cat-drowners, slandered scientists, death threats, and deposed politicians. Watch and find out who is left standing when all the hissing and clawing subsides.

    You can read more and see a trailer of the film by going to http://www.prolefeedstudios.com.

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