Wisconsin Fishing Popularity Up

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    Wisconsin has sold 429,744 general fishing licenses and 96,047 Trout Stamps so far this year. The sales are up 16% on the general fishing and 14% on the Trout Stamp sales as compared to the same dates last year. This information is from Dennis Schenborn from the Wisconsin Department Of Natural Resources. Lots of the Trout Stamp sales are new anglers.

    Qwade , Kelly and Luke DeLacluyse fished Wisconsin's trout streams with their Dads and Grandpa. They burned lots of calories and caught some delicious trout and made some life long memories.

    Schenborn attributes the increase in sales to the way the economy is. More people are taking "Staycation" instead of elaborate vacations. Staycations is my wife's word for staying at home and doing little jaunts in the area instead of driving such a distance. This lack of driving long distances can be directly tied to the gas prices from last year. The down turn in the economy also has people being a little more frugal. This frugality doesn't just end at shorter trips. The 14% increase in Trout Stamp sales is unprecedented. Many of the new anglers are tightening their belts and taking home their limits of trout on each outing. This was seen also the last time there was such an economic downturn. If you don't want to keep the trout let them go. The experience in the outdoors is too valuable to pass up.

    This information does not surprise me. Fishing is a cheap form of entertainment and the way the economy is, fishing is going back to it's roots and becoming a food gathering task again. Wisconsin is a leader in the Midwest in fishing habitat improvement. The days of worrying about if that fish having some sort of pollutants in it is waning. Our inland trout streams are cleaner than they have been in decades and they are full with willing brown trout and brook trout.

    Inland Trout Fishing is an excellent form of exercise also. You don't need a boat or elaborate gear to fish for trout. Many of the streams are out in beautiful open meadows. They are calling your family. Walk those banks and do it as a family outing. Burn some calories. Spend some time with your children. Get them out from in front of the television.

    The gear required for simple trout fishing is also quite inexpensive . There are all in one rigs at any of the major chain stores. These package deals include rod & reel & line. All you need to pick up are some night crawlers and and some size 6 or 8 hooks and some split shots. Spinners are a good option also.

    If you don't want to trout fish go along anyway. The scenery along trout streams is awe inspiring. Trout don't live in ugly places That trout stream you are fishing is one of nature's most beautiful creations. The banks are lined with wildflowers and world is new again. Winter has left us and the outdoors is reborn again with baby birds and animals.

    Trout don't live in ugly places and these baby rabbits agree with me. They call stream side their home.

    This time of year the morels are popping and the wild asparagus is out too. I am getting hungry right know writing this article. What could be better than going as a family unit and getting out of the house? While you are out there get some needed exercise and bonding as a family. Then there is the bonus. You could come home with some small stream trout to grill and a couple side dishes of wild asparagus and morels. They are out there. Not far from home. The trip will not cost an arm and a leg. You will be home that night to sleep in your own bed. Go buy a fishing license and a trout stamp! What are you waiting for?

    Their smiles say it all. What are you waiting for?
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    Nice post. Great way to get the kids involved.