Wisconsin hunters I need your HELP 911

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  1. I got a disturbing call yesterday from a former buyer of mine that has me in SHOCK !!
    When he got home Monday both is dogs were GONE !!
    He has a 4 year old female and 6 month old male Griffon that were in his indoor/outdoor kennel at home. When he got back they were gone !
    The outdoor kennel doors were shut, the indoor kennel doors were open but the shed door was shut. He believes that the dogs were STOLEN ! He lives in a new home with a long secluded drive way and not many people even now there is a house down there.
    I am asking you to keep your eyes and ears open to watch for any funny ads on line or in news papers or dog magazines. Both dogs are chipped. The owner is in a suburb near Milwaukee Wi.
    You can contact me via email or phone.
  2. Will keep on the lookout. Really disturbing news hope they can be located.:nono:

  3. I am so excited I can hardly sit here and type this !!
    My buyer called me about an hour ago and said he got a call from a couple that they had two dogs in there back yard and when they called them over they had collars and a phone number on them. When Tony got there........there they were Callie and Ollie !!
    They looked tired, hungry, and dirty but they were wagging there tail.....and the kids were in tears !!!
    With out a doubt, these dogs were STOLEN, and with all of the support from all of you whoever took them let them go to be found.
    There has been such a HUGE out pouring of support and help from all over the U.S. that I can't convey my gratitude to all of you.
    I received emails and phone calls from people all over asking me what they can do to help. Well it all worked. We made whoever stole them nervous enough to let them go and now they are back home. Tony said the kids won't let the dogs out of their sight !!
    I know, at times, on this forum we fight about silly things but we are all truly a V-Dog family. When the cry goes out to the family to help you all certainly stepped up and helped !!
    Thank you all.
    Here are some tired dogs and some HAPPY kids !!