Wisconsin potential world record buck

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    FOND DU LAC — A large crowd gathered Monday afternoon in front of Dutch's Trading Post as sportsmen and passers-by admired "Lucky Buck" — an elusive 30-point whitetail buck taken by bow Sunday night west of Fond du Lac.

    Fond du Lac resident Wayne Schumacher was accepting handshakes and pats on the back as he related how he had managed to down the buck, which featured a huge non-typical rack, around dusk at 6:45 p.m. "toward Rosendale.""It's so hard to believe," Schumacher said, noting he's hunted with bow and gun for more than 30 years. "I had known people had seen it in the area but I had no idea (it was nearby)."
    The 30-point deer has an inside antler spread of 20½ inches. Its field-dressed weight was about 225 pounds. Estimates are that the deer is at least 4½ to 5 years old.
    Schumacher said he was in a treestand looking at partially wooded flat terrain.
    The deer appeared and there was no time to be nervous, Schumacher said.
    "In 30 seconds, it was over," he said, noting the shot covered about 15 yards.
    The deer ran off 60 to 70 yards, and Schumacher's hunting partner, his brother, Pete, was first to reach the animal.
    He realized its rack had at least 28 points.
    The deer was shot at an angle behind the rib cage, and the arrow went through one of the front legs.
    Schumacher said he and his brother dragged the deer and struggled to get it onto the tailgate of a truck. They stopped at Wayne's home in Fond du Lac to take some pictures. They then took the deer to Pete's home east of Fond du Lac to get it into a large cooler.
    The brothers and a group of family and friends toasted with beer and homemade wine as they celebrated what is being called the "deer of a lifetime."