wolf and cougar questions

Discussion in 'General Wisconsin Hunting' started by BigAl285, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. I hunt in Richland Center. I went out for deer hunting on opening day. When I was walking to my stand I saw green eyes which was a deer, then farther out I saw bright red eyes. What would the red eyes be? Maybe a wolf I was told. Then After I shot my deer I was walking back to get the atv and I noticed this tree with lot of damage to it. The marks are 4-7 ft high so not a deer. The bark and wood was like peeled off in strips. I never saw anything like that. I know there is a cougar around that is spotted ofen and sometimes a bear also. Just curious what this is also. Thanks

  2. Could the "Blue Hills Beast" moved south west?

  3. looks like a dead tree (shedding its bark)!:lol: