Wolf Killed Manitowic County

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  1. Just got a phone call. A wolf was shot this past weekend in Southern Manitowoc county by the town of Newton. The guys were coyote hunting, and shot it mistaking it for a large yote. When they approched the animal they realized what it was, and found that it was wearing a radio collar. The proceeded to make the mistake of calling the DNR. Which resulted in a $1100 fine.
    Southern part of the state where are supposed to be no wolves. An area full of farms, and people. This is now the 3rd time this winter where a wolf was shot in the southern part of the state.
    Could there be more wolves than the DNR thought? Could the wolves be moving to southern areas where food sources are more plentiful. Could they be moving to areas more populated by humans. NAHHHHHHH! the wolf lovers, and DNR says that all is not true. So they must be right.
    This is just another example of they way it will continue to go. 3 so far this year. Maybe 10 by this time next year during the same time period. The conflict coming should be intresting.
  2. southern wolves

    I've read that wolves will travel a very long ways when they are hungry, it's mating season, or they've been ostracized from their pack, as some younger ones are.

    There may be more to this story than we know, too, so before we jump to conclusions about the actions of the state, well...

  3. No conclusions to jump to. They shot a wolf, and got a fine for it.

    Yes wolves travel a long ways for food. Wil travel a long ways looking for a mate once they are on their own. One a pcak reaches a certian size it kicks the young and occasionally the old to the curb. These ones then go out and form new packs. Could be 5 miles from the old homestead, or 100. Just depends on the wolf I guess.

    I do not believe the numbers put forth by the DNR. They have been wrong on most of the populations of game. It's all just a guessing game.

    This was just a report of the action. The above statements are just my opinion for what it is worth.

    Please do not get all riled up by them, and get nutty about on this site. Last thing any of us want is to see this site go the way of the GRIPE SITE!! If I offended, Im sorry, but it is just an opinion with the facts of the action.


  4. Steve

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    People that are hunting for yotes, ought to know a yote from a Wolf.
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    what's the gripe site...never heard of it...

  6. Or learn to shut up !!!!
  7. Steve, you would think it would be that easy. Still a large yote say 50lbs+ can easily be mistaken for a small wolf and vice versa. When you get the bigger wolves, or extreme color patterns its a lot easier.

    I have seen some yotes that were black and at 25-30lbs looked like wolves. So at the smaller sizes it can be a real hard thing to judge. When you are hunting in an area that is not supposed to have wolves. The last thing you thing about is it being a wolf.

    A group I have hunted with got a big yote this year. They did not get a weight, but guessed at least 60lbs. The front pads on it were a tad over 2.75" wide. That is a big yote. A track that size in the snow I would call a wolf every time.

  8. Good!s

    One less wolf to worry about.

    Ran into a warden this year grouse hunting. I was carrying a 44 cal side arm fully exposed and he asked what is that for. Just said it has been a while since I carried it. He asked me again. To which I stated - well if one of my birddogs is under attack at leasst I have more than brid shot to fight back. I never mentioned wolf control - not once.
    Then stated that if i shot a wolf I would face a fine. To which I said you would need to catch me. We both smiled and went on our merry way.

    But I won't go out of my way - but if the dogs are in jeopardy! Won't hesistate!

  9. Wolves?
    When I was a kid (9) I watched the original version of the werewolf (wolf man movie) at a friends house. He lived about a 1/2 mile from me. We lived in a very rural area for my location. Walking home that night After joking all night (you know the types of jokes cooky but in the back of your mind your really thinking about the "walk" you have later! During my walk I had a partner but he would drop off around the 1/4 mile marker, the rest of the walk was just me and the shadows. One of the most scared feelings I had in my life was after I said "see ya".
    Fast forward 34 years to this deer season
    While walking out of the woods "way the hell back" on opening day deer season this year I hear a wolf howl. Then another, and another. Kinda like the pack got separated with all the hunting hooptoda during the day and they were finding each other. Regaurdless, I had a rifle this time and a mature adult head on top of my shoulders. Even with that , I looked back into the darkness behind me as I walked many times. I would stop to listen to nothing. I had my clip in my hand not my pocket. LOL
    Two days later I decide to walk (way back) to my farthest stand, that was within a hal mile of where I figured the wolves were that night before. I dropped off a young 14 year old hunter at a stand on my land and then I proceeded to walk to mine. I got up in and waited for the crack of light to start creeping thru the woods. The woods was quiet and very crisp. As the glimmer of frost started shimmering in the distance I saw a flash of a animal working its way thru the forrest. A flash and it was gone. Was it a deer? Excitement builds although way to early and way to far, adrenalin is flowing instantly. In that same instant, anouther moving in the same direction, this time I can see that it is a large animal, could it be a deer? very light colored for a deer but the stars just left the sky. Right behind that one, A BEAR!!!!! dark and large running full boar after the deer! WOW! what the hell is going on? (in my mind) Then anouther, this time he is light grey. Holy crap, this is a wolf pack! Not deer and bear, the dark animal was a dark/black wolf! (actually pretty cool to see this from my tree stand) In all I think there were 5-6. (the point is coming)
    The next morning sitting in stand, the darkness seemed to hang on longer than the day before and the one before that. No cars on the road yet, its monday morning and no one is going anywhere yet. Out of the darkness the silent breaks with a ar-arr-arrr-arrrooooooooooooo. Not more than 75 yards away and as loud as three Jakes yelling at the hens 10 feet behind you. Holy crap! I say to myself, glad I am up in a tree!!!!!
    Five min. later I get a vibrating call on my phone. Its my buddy, he said his kid just came runnin back in, said he heard a wolf while walkin to his stand? Yup, I told him! Where? he asked, "bought 75 yrds away from me and 200 away from your kids stand today". I felt like he was riddiculing the young hunter for his actions. (I thought of my walk 34 years ago) I tried to ease his lashing by saying "it was very eerie!". I was not happy with my buddy for the way he jabbed the young hunter for his fears of the unknown. I heard him say, "Well Cmon then I will walk the baby to his stand!"
    Point of the whole story. Love them hate them, fear em,respect em,run from them, hunt them, we all have different opinions on them. Some come from first hand experiances. Most come from "zoo" like meetings yet others may have had loved ones killed by them (dogs, farm critters, etc).
    Yet, other opinions of the wolves that "migrated" back to Wisconsin (from Transelvainia or places unknown) may come from old time movies still making the hair stand on your neck and arms (mine sure was). We all have differing opinions.
    Mine falls into the area of, when the last one starves to death from lack of venison to eat, I will not miss the feeling of (something is watching me) while walking in the woods after dark.
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