woodcock flying yet ???

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  1. Anybody see any woodcock start to come back up north????

    Not many spots for them to land here yet... but are they down south yet??
  2. There is 3 feet of snow on the ground.....what do you think?:lol:

  3. T-dooles

    I have not seen any down here yet. We still have a lot of ice on the water, and I just saw the first robins last week. Rain and warm up are on tap here for this week so that may help. It just seems like it has been unseasonably cool here yet for spring
  4. out yesterday

    I was out yesterday. Thought maybe some of those bare, south facing spots could hold a bird. Notta. Still a lot of snow in the woods around here.
  5. Steve

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    Still tons of snow in the north woods of MI as well. Just came back from a visit up there over the weekend. Might have snow up there for quite some time.
  6. ???

    I don't even know what spamming url's means? Tried to type a post about woodcock arriving in n.e. WI and it said I was spamming url's. Anyone else having trouble posting? Anyway, what I was saying was welcome to ne WI timberdoodles!
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  7. My dad said he jumped one the other day in central WI. I guess spring is right around the corner
  8. Flush a woodcock in the City of West Allis on March 27, haven't seen any since.:bouncy:
  9. kurtish

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    I seen one this morning on my way home from work. Sure sign that spring is near....didn't feel like it last night though with all of the snow coming down.