Woodcock update

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  1. Anyone having trouble finding a good flight of wc?? I have had a few o.k. days with 20-30 birds, but I haven't seen a good flight this year and I'm afraid that they aren't coming anymore...

  2. I don't target woodcock, but I've heard the numbers down....depending on who you talk to. Guys I know in MN say they've been doing fairly well.

    Ask the WI DNR...and then take that number and cut it in half.

  3. Oh great, another one of those types. :(:(
  4. Relax. Just having a little fun.

    Now back to your triple-lindies...
  5. I also have been watching for woodcock in Ohio but we haven't gotten any yet, and I checked out the Michigan board and they said the numbers are down and they are in southern Michigan right now. Must be late this year.

    Greg A
  6. Woowcock

    Here in Michigan they are pretty much gone, everybody here says there still un the UP. No way I hunt them quite a bit, for the past several years they are thru this state by the 27th of Oct that is generally the last wkend you'll find good numbers. We just got home last night from 3 days in northern MI seen 3 woodies in their favorite cover. There are only a few stragglers. Talked with some buddy's that were also up for the wkend and they didn't find any birds, they were quite disappointed because they were believing the reports of all these so called birds up in Canada and the UP because of the Warm weather. I have heard and read reports that they are finding birds down south already. Good luck
  7. I would have to say the numbers in Michigan are way down. Last year at this time we were putting up a ton of the mud bats. This year is a different story we only have seen a few.

  8. "Mud Bats" now that is a new one for me!!!