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  1. Anyone seeing any woodcock come through? Hoping to get the pooch out and knock off the rust sometime this month.

  2. Unless they have 4 foot beeks. They won't be around for along time. Not near enough open spots, the snow is everywhere !!

  3. I must be losing it thinking the snow would be less in the woods than at the house. Gonna be a long time.
  4. I was in the woods on Thursday and am going out again this morning and there was/is over a foot of snow in the woods just north of Green Bay about 1/2 hour and further north it's deeper. That said on Thursday my setter did go on point by the only bare patch (about 100 sq ft.) of ground I saw. By the time I got to her (she was 207 yards away) I didn't flush anything so I sent my lab in and she got very birdy over the bare patch. If I had to guess I would think it was a grouse more than a woodcock with all the snow.

    In other years I've found woodcock in early March so they've got to be itching to get in up here soon.
  5. Just got home from running the dogs. The snow depth is less, but still deep. I'd guess anywhere from 8" to 12". Some of the south facing slopes have bare ground, but anything with cover from the sun still has a lot of snow. I did work one woodcock so I know they are here. Most of my go to areas though are still to deep to visit. I'm betting by next weekend there will be plenty of birds around.
  6. Went out tonight after work and found an area that held a bunch of woodcock. The area was not that big, but it was very productive. My setter had a least 6 points and several stop to flushes.

    The first point.

    After the flush and shot.

    After the shot we heard some movement behind me and I saw a woodcock walking. *I don't know if Tico smelled it, but I think she saw it.

    A stop to flush.

    This point produced at least five woodcock.

    This is after a flush and shot.

    Now just because these pictures show open ground this was the not the norm for the snow cover. *Here is what the majority of the woods looks like. There it is probably a good 6+ inches and in the lower areas with less sunlight it was probably closer to 12 inches.
  7. Grange,

    Thanks for the updates. I can't believe you found bare ground. I am looking forward to heading out on Sunday and seeing if we can find the little buggers. Appreciate the updates/photos. Thanks for giving me hope.
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    Grange, cool pictures of your dog in action.
  9. Well, went out Sunday. Still a lot of snow cover and tons of wet spots underneath the snow. Was able to find a few bare spots. Pooch pointed a grouse sitting on a log. I saw a few doodles, but no points. The doodles didn't seem to be holding tight like they do in the fall. Maybe just a coincidence. Was a good day and nice to see the dog get some reps.

    Must be spring, the ticks are out!
  10. Where I'm at there are getting to be quite a few woodcock around, had about 20 flushes this last weekend. sure aren't sitting tight like they usually do.
  11. I went out this afternoon and didn't find any woodcock, but did find some grouse. I think most of the ones I had been finding have moved north with the receding snow.