Yawn it's been a long winter already!

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  1. Well here we are on the back side of one season and looking forward to the next. Many should know in the weeks ahead if they were lucky and drew the coveted WI. bear tag. I'm sitting at 5 points so It will be a couple more years till I draw.
    I'm a Hound Hunter for them as I love to hear and see the dogs work along with the fellowship through out the days afield. Houndsmen are looked apon by many as second class people and hunters because of the tattered cloaths they wear and the beat up trucks they drive. But if one were to spend some time with a group of houndsmen I think they would walk away with a different outlook of them.
    They are honest and genuine good people and like in all facets of life it only takes one bad to make the whole lot look that way.
    Bear hunting with hounds is as much a social gathering of friends and family as it is hunting. It's not uncommon to see 3 or 4 generations spending time together all with the same goal of treeing a bear and having fun doing so.
    Here's a few pictures of hound hunting. This first one is heading into what we call the North and South Baits. It's amazing what you see off the beaten path.


    Here's one of the guys pulling the magnets out of the tracking collars to turn them on and getting ready to put the jump dogs on the track.


    If things go right you eventually end up at the tree. But this is not an easy of a task as you think it is! A lot can go wrong from the start to the end of the trail.


    And when you get there and look up this is what you hope to see and not a coon or grinner. This one was a little harry pulling the dogs back. if you look at the base of the branch where it meet's the tree the branch is broken that the bear is sitting on. But the bear stayed up and we were able to get leads on the dogs and back them off and let the bear down to run another day.


    Is it July yet! :biggrin:
  2. that's cool... after talking to a few dog hunters i realized the different aspect but same goal of the hunt. at first i was thinking it wasn't much of a hunt just treeing a bear then shooting it , but after discusion with the guys he had me thinking that sitting in a tree over bait was almost less of a SPORT than thier way. now i think both ways are legit. happy hunting

  3. bear hunting with hounds

    All you ever have to do is run one bear with hounds and you know how sporting it really is...in fact, it's toooo sporting unless you're in really good shape!

    I've been on a lot of bear hunts where we put the dogs down...one of them turned out to be the biggest black bear anybody I was with had ever seen. He was 7 feet long, field dressed at 513 and had a paw like a grizzly...we picked him up right near the Michigan line, ran him for less than an hour, then he turned and decided to fight. We were lucky, we had well-seasoned dogs with us-only one got hurt, and not badly. He never did try to tree, too big. What a bear.

    Have had several that literally outran ALL the dogs, and several hunts where we ran all day without a tree...I love the excitement of the chase.

    I will never forget how, when I first started, I was dumped out of the Toyota and told to grab those dogs when they bolted across the trail, they wanted to put three fresh dogs down instead of the three tired dogs I was supposed to pick up.

    They came through, hell bent for leather, as expected, and I somehow managed to grab two of them, which slowed down the third dog, but then I was carried along with them-for about 100 yards before they quit.

    I was young and dumb...LOL...not so young and dumb anymore. But it was fun when I did the same thing to my bratty,know it all (at the time) 14 year old son....LOLOLOL
  4. Been there more times than I would like to share! :lol: It aint bad when they are one behind the other but when they are shoulder to shoulder I just git on the raidio that I missed them by a few seconds and we'll get them at the next cross over. :cwm27:
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    Nice post and pictures. I really like the one of the truck going over the log bridge.
  6. With the lack of good snow now. We are unable to hunt. So the time is really starting to drag!!!

  7. Our Hounds club had a Preditor Hunt last Saturday and only one Yote was taken. So yes things are bad. Snow comming next week herd up to 5" so things could be looking up! :)
  8. We got misssed with the last few storms. Got that clipper coming down now. It is also supposed to go south of us. Heard 6" for Chicago. Started snowing hear now, but real fine.

    We need a good ft. Sled trails are getting bad. Can't hunt. At least we got great ice for fishing.
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    Yeap I'm ready for spring.
  10. yup

    normally by now, I've gotten a bit of a break from winter, if only to visit my son in Maryland...never gets colder than 40 or so on the Eastern Shore, except on very rare occasions. And snow is unheard of.

    This latest snow storm was a real kick in the pants...

    But there are signs of spring out there-look at the trees, there's buds forming on them.

    Lawyers are moving onto spawning beds, wild turkeys are starting to fight and gobble a little. All the songbirds are developing their breeding colors-the blue jays are almost cobalt, they're so blue.

    A little at a time...it's coming...hopefully, in early March, or we'll have widespread death in the woods this year.
  11. Things are moving a little slower here in the Northwoods. At least though it has been a fairly mild winter overall. Seems the southern part of the state has had more snow again. We just went over the 50" mark. Lot of cold days below 0, but that is not bad when the snow is low.

    Would say the game is going to fair pretty well. Unless of course we actually see some real snow.