Young WI deer hunter has hat shot off but isn't injured

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    Young Wis. deer hunter has hat shot off but isn't injured
    by The Associated Press
    published November 21, 2007 8:33 am

    THERESA, Wis. — A 13-year-old boy out deer hunting with his father had his hat shot off his head but wasn't injured.

    Jeffrey Trepanier, 32, called the sheriff's office Monday to report someone shot the hat off his son's head while they hunted on public lands just north of Theresa.

    "That was way too close for comfort," said Dodge County Sheriff's Deputy Chief Blaine Lauersdorf. "We searched the area and where unable to determine where the shot came from."

    Lauersdorf said the incident only reinforces that hunters must make sure of their target before pulling the trigger.

    He cited a case last weekend in Waushara County in which a man inadvertently shot and killed his 18-year-old grandson, mistaking him for a deer.

    Lauersdorf said rural residents also should make themselves as visible as possible when outside during the deer hunt, which opened last weekend and continues through Sunday.

    "If you're out there during hunting season, make sure you are wearing something that stands out," he said.
  2. WOW that is one lucky kid, glad he's fine!

  3. That's why I don't like public Hunting lands. There's plenty of knowledgeable hunters out there on them, but there's always that one yahoo who sees a deer and starts blasting away at it like its World War 3 and doesn't stop to think about what may be a little farther down-range. :irked: