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  1. This afternoon I came home about a hour earlier than normal. Like a typically do I checked the field that is across the road from my home for any deer that may be grazing the picked corn field. This afternoon I noticed a large sized deer in the field about 100 yards from the road near a 2 acre pine plantation which is located in the middle of the field.

    For some reason I decided to take a look at the deer with my binoculars. After I got the binoculars out of my backpack which was located in my garage, I scanned the field through the rain and fog we had today. Threw the fog I noticed 3 deer total. One of the deer was a very large buck sporting a huge rack. I was in complete shock.

    I ran in the house telling my wife and kids that there is a big buck in the cornfield. I ran into my basement and threw on my snow camo and boots, grabbed my range finder and my bow. Out the door I went to see if I could stalk into bow range on the big buck.

    I jogged down the road about 200 yards to the north while the 2 does watched me. Once I was out of site due to the pine plantation I jumped the ditch and started walking directly into the wind to the pines. Once I reached the pines I knew the 3 deer could only be about 50 yards away on the other side of the pines. I knocked an arrow and slowly crept through the woods. The land slopes up to the area were I last saw the deer. The wind was a cross wind, blowing out of the west while I crept to the south up the slope. I had an option to move to the east or west of a large down pine. I decided to go up the small hill to the east of the tree. Once I crested the hill, there he was no more than 30 yards. The two does were directly to his east, my south east no more than 40 yards.

    Through the fog and rain I could not tell if he was facing me head on or if his backside was towards me. I stood there for about 2 minutes trying figure out what to do. I should have back tracked and went back around the down pine tree to the west. The buck would have then been broadside. While I stood there trying to figure out what to do I noticed the does starting to sniff the air, I guess my scent was bouncing around through the pines and they may have smelt me. The buck still had no idea I was there but he was giving me no shot. I stood there for about 5 minutes hoping the buck would move broadside or at the least quarter a little more to me. The does sensed something was up and started trotting towards the buck. The buck finally quartered to me as the does approached and that is when I drew my bow back.

    I am not sure what exactly happened next because it took place so quickly. The two does continued trotting past the buck. Once they passed he quickly took off with them. All 3 deer put their tails up flagging but the just trotted away from me going in a south east direction towards the fields edge. I stood there in complete disbelief. I could not believe I noticed the buck and then was able to get with in bow range of such a magnificant animal.

    My question is what do I do? There is still 7 days left in the season. I do not believe the deer saw me in the fog and rain and since I was in my snow camo in the pines. The 2 does definitely knew something was up but I do not beleive they saw me. Should I hunt the pines in the morning and hope they come back? Should I wait till early afternoon and sneak in hoping they return one of these afternoons? What are your thoughts? Will they come back or did I blow it?

    Thanks Soup
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    All I know is that I wouldn't give up on it.

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    The evening should be your best bet. They tend to stick to feed to bed patterns this time of the year and he'll probably be back feeding there again before dark. The mornings are too risky and you will only increase your odds of bumping him out of there. Best of luck Soup, I hope you tag that badboy!
  4. Wait for an evening hunt with the same wind. Yesterday was quite mild, don't know if you will get another day like that. The deer should be in a pattern that is similar every day this time of the year. Good Luck
  5. Leave the buck alone.....he needs to recoup his strength after the rut to survive what is going to be a tough winter. He has earned the right to be left alone until next year's season.:tsk:
  6. at least you got to see a big buck

    on your own property. That alone would be a huge thrill for me. Good luck!
  7. Nothing Yet

    I have been watching the field the last 2 nights and the big guy has not shown up during day light hours. There are fresh tracks in the snow first thing in the morning. I think he is nocturnal. I need a big swing in the weather before the end of the season. Maybe with a weather change he would get up early and give me another crack. My fingers are crossed.

    Thanks for your support.....
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    Can you see the whole field? He may be stagging on a inside corner until it gets dark. If you can find out the spot that most of the deer come into the field I would hunt about 20 yards from the field edge. Most of the time the bucks will stay just inside the timber until dark and then come out. Good Luck